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The reason for starting Alter’Inno’s came from several convictions:

• Strengthening the relationships between Canadian traditional companies and startups is not fashionable or a cyclical trend but a profound change in the way large and medium-sized enterprises innovate.

• Current Canadian innovation ecosystem stakeholders (investment funds, accelerators, incubators, university research centers, etc.) contribute largely to the development of startups but they are not sufficient.

Traditional companies with established business models have an essential role to play towards these startups on two levels:
- As potential customers of these startups, they can help increasing their chances of success
- To strengthen their pace of innovation, traditional companies need to be in contact with those startups that will eventually be in position to shake their economic model.

• However the cultural gap between these two worlds is not to be neglected and requires the presence of individuals, internal or external to the company, who are able to absorb and decode these differences.

Only those individuals in the midst of traditional companies and startups will be the key to a lasting collaboration and mutual trust.

Based on this vision Alter'Inno's mission is to shape and accelerate partnerships between established companies and startups to create balanced and sustainable business deals.

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