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Alter'Inno may interrupt temporarily or permanently the operation fully or partially of Alter’Inno's internet site.
In no event shall Alter'Inno be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused, in any way whatsoever, by delays and delays inherent in the use of this site, inability to use the internet site and inadvertent inoculation of a virus at the user's entry point.

Alter'Inno may change these terms of use at any time. It is the users' responsibility to take note of any changes, without prior notice from Alter'Inno.
The site and its use are governed by the law applicable in Quebec. Any dispute relating thereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Québec.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold Alter'Inno harmless from all damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, in connection with any breach of these terms, either by himself or by users of his account in connection with the use of this internet site or the distribution or transmission of any information on this site by himself or by the users of his account.

Confidentiality and Personal Information
By using this site, the user acknowledges that he / she has read, understood and agrees to the above conditions and the privacy framework described below.

Legal framework for the protection of personal information
The Alter'Inno site is published from Quebec, Canada. Quebec and Canadian laws protect the personal information of the user. It can inquire about its rights by consulting the site of the Commission of access to the information of Quebec.
Except where required by law, Alter'Inno shall maintain the confidentiality of all personal information obtained on the user of the Alter'Inno site.

Use of Personal Information
The information collected by Alter'Inno (name, company URL and e-mail address), with the user's consent allows: to send electronic documentation to the user in the form of newsletters on the theme of Innovation, to respond to its requests for information, to put it on mailing lists informing it about Alter’Inno’s news and events.

Information collected automatically by the site
When the user accesses Alter’Inno’s internet site, information is exchanged automatically between his computer, the site server, and the servers of Google Analytics, a third party responsible for generating site traffic statistics.
Information exchanged includes:
- the domain name of the Internet service provider and the IP address of the user;
- the type of browser and operating system used to access the site;
- the access date and time to the site;
- the pages of the site visited;
- the address of the original website.
This exchange of information is necessary for the proper functioning of the site. The information is kept for statistical purposes. They are also stored in data logs for security reasons and for generating site traffic statistics. The information contained in these newspapers may be disclosed to third parties in the event of security audits or investigations under the law. They are not used for any other purpose.

Projects submitted by users on the platform
The user has the possibility, if he wishes, to submit the project of his innovative company in order to benefit from business contacts with clients (large and medium-sized companies) or other players supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem if his project is in line with the stakes of these.

Documents deposited by the user are stored on the JOTFORM platform.
Even if this platform is meant to be safe, security flaws can occur. Alter'Inno can not be held responsible for any damage (direct or indirect) related to such flaws.

Alter'Inno will not share the specific contents of the documents submitted, other than for the purpose of evaluating the project. When Alter'Inno shares these documents, we will use reasonable efforts to ensure that these evaluators agree to process the candidate's documents confidentially.

We may use your application and associated documents for (non-exhaustive list):
Compile and edit aggregate statistics on technology, companies, founders, investors, etc.
Track candidates, founders, investments, companies and trends in the nature of projects submitted.

Due to the large number of applications and related documents received by Alter'Inno and because of the similarity of much of the general information provided in such applications, Alter'Inno can not accept responsibility for misuse of these applications Data or disclosure of any general information, knowledge or other documents (including without limitation any information well known in the applicant's industry) included or provided in the submitted project. Such general information submitted to Alter'Inno may be used or disclosed by Alter'Inno or any other person with whom we share the application.

Unless expressly stated by the applicant in writing to hello@alterinno.com, we reserve the right to retain your application and all associated documents.

Use of cookies
The cookie is a small text file sent to the user's browser via a website. It serves as a reminder of his preferences and makes his next visit to the site more efficient. It can also be used for advertising purposes. The use of cookies is common practice and most major websites use cookies to better serve their customers. Most web browsers are designed to accept cookies, but settings can be changed to deny cookies.

Verification, comment or complaint
The user may ask to know, correct or cancel the personal information held on him by Alter'Inno. For any verification, comment or complaint, he should contact hello@alterinno.com and provide the information to identify it.

All content published on the Alter'Inno site or otherwise accessible through this site is protected by copyright. Except certain excerpts of articles relayed on the Blog, the content published on this site and the copyright on the content belong or are under the control of Alter'Inno. Any use, reproduction, dissemination, publication or retransmission of the content, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission of Alter'Inno.

Links to other sites
The Alter'Inno site makes available to its users links to other sites created by third parties. The content and practices of these sites, in particular with respect to the protection of personal information and privacy, are in no way the responsibility of Alter'Inno.
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