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Connecting your managers and employees to the start-ups ecosystem

Involve your managers and operational teams in mentoring and supporting the development of innovative start-ups to foster an entrepreneurial culture within your company

Why ?

Innovation is complex. Innovating using external resources to the company makes the task even more difficult and requires a change in internal posture in order to encourage openness to different solutions and thus develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

How ?

Through tailor-made programs, we put your managers and operational teams in contact with the most promising start-ups in your industry.

Our deliverables

  • Program description
  • Sourcing of start-ups inline with you main innovation challenges
  • Support in the analysis and evaluation of start-ups
  • Support in the selection of start-ups
  • Help in the execution of the pilots
  • Run the program

  • Start-ups sourcing

  • Identify relevant pairing with start-ups

  • Support collaboration initiatives